Software programer

Creation of software, specialized in music (especially for the live diffusion of concerts) and multi-media installations,
in collaboration with composers and electronic music studios. Programs used by festivals and multi-media performances.

Barcarola Bitistica.
Multimedia performance (fractal pictures, instrumental and electronic music) created in collaboration with the composer Mesias Maiguashca.
Presented at the Opera of Hamburg (Germany) and at Utrecht (Netherlands).

MandelBox. Multi-media installation (fractal pictures, texts and music by Mesias Maiguashca).
Presented at the festival of Donaueschingen, Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria) and at the "Palais de la Découverte" in Paris.

MidiMica. Very complete algorithmic composition program, based on MIDI and the FORTH programming environment,
realized for the Music Academy (Musikhochschule) of Freiburg. (Germany)
It has a sequencer in the standard MIDI FILE format.
There is also a library of various tools to facilitate programming.

Harfang Sequencer. Based on the MidiMica environment, this program is specialized in minimalist music
and was carried out in collaboration with the pianist and composer Gérard Frémy.
Transpositions, repetitions, superpositions and other transformations and data conversions are possible (mainly in real time).
Has its own sequencer (different from that of MidiMica).

A new version of Harfang Sequencer has been created with the openFrameworks library, allowing it to be multiplatform (Mac OS X and Windows).
Many improvements: graphical user interface, score printing...

Harfang Sampler. Software sampler, created with Csound, with the possibility of sound spatialization (independent for each sound).
Has also independent effects for each sound (filters, ring modulation, frequency shifting ...)
Controllable by midi and OSC.

Hör-Information. Set of acoustic and psychoacoustic programs realized for the Music Academy (Musikhochschule) of Freiburg.

Matrix-Mixer. Sound dispatching and spatialization program, created for Südwestfunk (German electronic music studio) in Freiburg,
and used in many concerts (Berlin, München, Donaueschingen...)

Freezer : Real-time signal processing program for the PowerPC, created for Südwestfunk in Freiburg.
Allows to hear in various manners musical databases, with in particular the possibility of immobilizing the sound.